Y-D @ Orleans

Eldredge Park (Orleans Firebirds) 78 Eldredge Park Way, Orleans

Y-D visits the Orleans Firebirds.

Y-D Red Sox


Title Name Email
PresidentJames DeMariajdemaria@ydredsox.com
Vice President(Open Position)
TreasurerJohn Markellajmarkella@ydredsox.com
SecretaryElaine Laceyelacey@ydredsox.com

Board of Directors

Name Email
Adam Cormieracormier@ydredsox.com
Martha Dauphinaismdauphinais@ydredsox.com
James DeMaria, Chairjdemaria@ydredsox.com
Steve Fauchersfaucher@ydredsox.com
Jeanne Hiseyjhisey@ydredsox.com
Don Kelleydkelley@ydredsox.com
Elaine Laceyelacey@ydredsox.com
John Markellajmarkella@ydredsox.com
Shane Skinnersskinner@ydredsox.com

Baseball Operations

General ManagerSteve Fauchersfaucher@ydredsox.com
Housing CoordinatorJeanne Hiseyjhisey@ydredsox.com
Clinics CoordinatorAmy Chartierachartier@ydredsox.com

Game Day Operations

50/50 CoordinatorLauren LaBelleelliegirl07@yahoo.com
Intern SupervisorElaine Laceyelacey@ydredsox.com
Gateman CoordinatorLinden Woodwoodsoncapecod@yahoo.com
Meals Coordinator Elaine Lacey elacey@ydredsox.com
Media Intern SupervisorSteve Fauchersfaucher@ydredsox.com
Merchandise Director(Open Position)
PA AnnouncerDon Kelleydkelley@ydredsox.com

Communications & Media

MarketingShane Skinnersskinner@ydredsox.com
Public RelationsAdam Cormieracormier@ydredsox.com
General ManagerSteve Fauchersfaucher@ydredsox.com

Board Members Emeritus

Tiffany Sterge
Jerry Winer
Rita Winer

We would like to Thank our Sponsors!

Honey Dew Donuts of Dennis port is a proud sponsor of the Yarmouth Dennis Red Sox!
Logo for Emily Shimansky and The Salty Dog Group who are proud sponsors of the Yarmouth Dennis Red Sox.