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Host a Player

Our organization is lucky to have families who are willing to share their homes with players for the summer. These families open their homes to you for the experience, while also enjoying a summer of great baseball. Players are expected to be respectful and thoughtful of their host family and their “house rules”. Some host families are “veterans”; others are new to the program. The generosity of our host families is essential to the success of the franchise.

The YD Red Sox Housing Coordinator makes the housing assignments. Information from the questionnaire is used with the knowledge we have of our host families to make the best possible match. The more effort you can put forth with regards to being part of your host family is not only appreciated, but recommended. Please note that in some cases players will be living with families that have younger children. Please be aware of what your friendship and the example you set will mean to them.

Player’s Responsibilities:

  • Discuss the use of house facilities (kitchen, laundry room, telephone, WIFI, parking spaces, use of pool, etc.) with your host family. Host families and players from past seasons all agree: open and frequent communication is key to the shared good experience of the season!
  • Do not invite guests without prior permission from your hosts; this includes girlfriends. Remember that you are a guest in your family’s home. Any invited guest of yours should leave the premises by midnight, at the latest.
  • Players must spend each and every night at their host family’s home. The ONE exception to this rule is in the event your family is visiting Cape Cod from out of town and has arranged for hotel rooms or a B&B. There are no exceptions to this rule with regards to friends or girlfriend visits. Any other requests must be with prior permission of the Housing Coordinator or General Manager.
  • Please be considerate at all times. Keep noise to a minimum. Arrive home at a reasonable hour and if you are going to be later than expected, please call.
  • The coaching staff advises a midnight curfew.
  • A player discharged or released from the team must leave his host family within 24 hours.

Host Family Responsibilities:

  • Host families are NOT expected to provide accommodations for a player’s family or friends.
  • Host families are NOT responsible for your daily transportation. You are greatly encouraged to bring your car for the season, if at all possible. Players without their own transportation will be arranged in car pools with other players / coaches.
  • Host families cannot house any player discharged from or released by the team.
  • If you and your host family have a complete understanding of the rules and the “house rules” of your family it will go a long way to help ensure that this summer is enjoyable for all. Host families do provide all meals after away games and provisions for breakfast. (This is covered in player housing costs / weekly stipend). If you or your host family feel there is any serious problem with your housing, please do not hesitate to contact the Housing Coordinator or the General Manager. We will work with all parties to resolve the situation.
  • Host families are asked to impose coaching staff’s player midnight curfew policy

Player’s Housing Costs

It is necessary for all players to pay room and board during their stay while playing amateur baseball. If you do not pay your room and board or any other expenses incurred during your stay, you will jeopardize your NCAA eligibility. All non-payments of bills and expenses will be reported to your College Coach, Parents, the Cape Cod Baseball League and the NCAA.

  • The cost of housing is $15/day=$105.00 a week. The season is 10 weeks. Contract players are required to pay their full balance ($1050.00) by May 25th. In the event, we do not make it to the championship or the player leaves early, his housing balance will be refunded.
  • Temporary players are required to pay $630.00 by May 25th. If he signs a full contract the balance for the rest of the season will be due immediately. Any refunds will be sent to families once the final roster is complete.

*You can either mail a check to YD Red Sox, PO Box 1423, South Yarmouth, MA 02664 or pay by credit card through PayPal. Please be aware that we are a nonprofit organization and designate that as so if you are using PayPal. Our account email is ydredsox63@gmail.com. Be sure to put your son’s full name in the notes.

Any questions please call Jeanne Hisey (215) 850-1752 or
Martha Dauphinais (508) 237-9891

Host families provide breakfast each day and dinner after away games. They will also provide bedding and linens (sheets, blankets and towels). All host families are interviewed and their homes are visited to ensure that they are appropriate accommodations for you. We will do our best to match players and families so that everyone has the best and most positive experience possible.

You will receive your host family’s contact information before you arrive. Please inform them of your travel plans so arrangements for pick up at our bus station in Hyannis can made if necessary. Also, please be considerate and make every effort to arrive on Cape before 10PM.

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