Sponsors & Advertisers

It’s easy to become a sponsor of the Yarmouth – Dennis Red Sox or to place an ad on our website or in our Yearbook.

Logo of the Yarmouth-Dennis (Y-D) Red Sox from the Cape Cod Baseball League

Tiered Sponsorship Opportunities

New this year the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox would like to offer a tiered sponsorship opportunity. With participating in this, your business name will be mentioned in our Yearbook, if completed by March 30 each year. (Please note we have other sponsorship opportunities available as well and those are attached)

$50 – BRONZE
$100 – SILVER
$200 – GOLD
$750+ – TITANIUM

The Yarmouth – Dennis Red Sox would like to thank you in advance for your contribution to our team.

Please email sskinner@ydredsox.com if you are interested in supporting us this season!