10-Time Cape Cod Baseball League Champions


Volunteer Internships are available each summer. We are taking applications for internships for 2024. Please see below for details.

Are you a college student looking to join an organization with a winning tradition? Want to learn what it takes, top to bottom, to run a franchise in the United States’ premier summer collegiate baseball league, while beginning your career in sports? Need intern credits for school, a club or church?

Then apply for a Y-D Red Sox Internship! We are always seeking motivated, hard-working individuals to join us during the summer in various capacities.

Read below for more information. When applying, please understand the following conditions:

  • All interns must secure their own transportation and housing proximate to Yarmouth, Massachusetts.
  • Internship positions in the Cape Cod Baseball League are unpaid, but with this in mind, Y-D interns always have the option of earning college credit for their work.
  • Due to the aforementioned compensation constraints, many interns tend to hold separate, part-time employment in the morning during their time on Cape Cod.
  • While Y-D is not obligated to find you a morning job, we have advised several interns in past years as they prepared to secure employment for the summer.
YD Red Sox interns first day barbeque
YD Red Sox interns 2023

Game Day Operations Internships

These positions include various aspects of the game day experience at Red Wilson Field that ensure Y-D and visiting fans have a pleasant experience. A Game Day Internship is a great way to learn about the various aspects of baseball operations and putting on a baseball game. The Game Day position includes the following skills within the position, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing
  • Concessions/Food service operation
  • Merchandise/Retail
  • Sales
  • Fundraising
  • Field preparations and post-game cleanup
YD Red Sox Game Day interns 2023
Game Day interns 2023

Major League Baseball (MLB) Scout Liaison

The MLB Scout Liaison Intern serves as the point person for all MLB scouts who attend games at Red Wilson Field. This person will be the contact for all information the scouts need on game day.

Individual must have a complete understanding of the game of baseball. Extensive knowledge of baseball (rules, pitches/talent, and history) is required. Technology skills (Word, Excel, internet research capabilities, and social media) are required as well as strong interpersonal and communication skills.

The MLB Scout Liaison is the connection between each Cape Cod Baseball League (CCBL) franchise and the MLB scouts.


  • This intern will create scouts-only statistics and be expected to interact with them on a professional level. The Scouts Roster Sheet for each Home game will include the following player information: player name, hometown, uniform number, position, height, weight, college, draft status, current statistics, etc. (Scouts Roster Sheets are prepared for scouts only and contain personal information not to be shared with the general public.) Coordinate contact information and record-keeping of player information with other franchise MLB Scout Liaisons and CCBL MLB Scout Liaison Project Coordinator.
  • This intern will also create the roster to be distributed to the general public as they enter the ballpark for each home game.
  • Be available at Home games, including playoffs to scouts by 2:00 p.m., – hour prior to our players arriving for batting practice, at 2:30 p.m.
  • Maintain contact with coaching staff pitching rotation, starting lineup, batting practice times, i/o times and weather delays.
  • Assist the organization with projects/duties as assigned.
  • Must provide own housing and equipment.
  • Reports to the Game Day Intern Coordinator
Individuals interested in a Game Day Operations Internship should click the button below and submit an application.

Digital Media Internships

The Digital Media Department is responsible for all aspects of the teams’ web presence and marketing, including our website, social media accounts, and more. These positions have the unique opportunity of having work that can be completed virtually and that is available year round.

Digital Media Internship positions include:

Content Writer

  • Write brand related articles to be posted on our website, in our yearbook, on social media, and elsewhere as deemed appropriate
  • Conduct necessary research to ensure all content is accurate
  • Research and implement effective keyword strategies to optimize the content for our target audiences
  • Proofread and Edit other content as needed
  • Lead positive, professional online coverage of the Y-D Red Sox through YDredsox.com and social media
  • Produce game recaps for website publishing at the conclusion of each contest
  • Write periodic features as appropriate

WordPress Web Developer (Off-Season and In-Season Positions Available)

  • Assist in editing and maintaining this WordPress website
  • Create and update events
  • Post and edit content
  • Add and edit advertisements
  • Optimize the website to improve search engine rankings.

Game Day Social Media Coordinator

  • Post updates on social media throughout each game
  • Implement our game day social media strategy
  • Create content along with the social media strategist

Social Media Strategist

  • Conduct Social Media Research
  • Assist with social media campaigns including inception, creation, scheduling, and implementation
  • Create content
  • Perform and report on data analysis from social media metrics
  • Identify and make recommendations based on best practices and current trends

Graphic Designer (Off-Season and Game Day Positions Available)

  • Design graphics for us to post on the website and social media as well as print advertising
  • Design templates of graphics to be updated and utilized throughout the season
  • Research and report on current trends and offer recommendations


  • Issued league-wide photo credentials in June, prior to the start of the season
  • Shoot game action and crowd throughout the summer at all regular season and playoff games, along with special events as requested by the organization
  • Upload photos to Flickr, organizing shots game-by-game
  • Link your game photo albums on social media and also to the game recap on YDredsox.org
  • Equipment may be provided by the organization, but we prefer that you use yours, as you are more acquainted with it
  • Photos on Y-D’s Flickr page may be used by the organization for various promotional purposes with credit issued to the photographer who produced the shot


  • Provide video editing as needed
  • Shoot sizzle reel content for the team and come up with marketing videos for the team
  • Help team photographer capture great shots throughout the season
  • Upload to and help to optimize team YouTube channel
  • Please note – you will need your own equipment for this role

Search Engine Optimization and Data Strategist (Off-Season and In-Season Positions Available)

  • Create, Implement, Track, and Report on user activity reporting
  • Analyze analytics and performance data and provide recommendations based on the results
  • Improve the keyword optimization on the website
  • Work with the Social Media Strategists to optimize our reach while staying on brand
  • Implement an internal linking strategy on the website

Individuals interested in learning about baseball marketing should apply for a Digital Media Internship by clicking the button below. A cover letter that explains your goals and the skills you’re looking to improve during the internship, an updated resume, and samples of your work are highly desired.

Media Production Internships

Production Media Intern positions are 44-game (home and road) commitments, plus playoffs.

These positions include the promotion of the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox in various capacities, including PR/media relations, social media, and others. Successful candidates will possess strong communication and organizational skills. Read below for more information on each position.

Broadcasting Intern

  • Broadcast all home and away baseball games during the regular and post seasons
  • Provide current and historical information regarding the CCBL and Y-D Red Sox
  • Follow a schedule of announcements and read from a script when applicable

PA Announcer

  • Announce at all home baseball games during the regular and post seasons
  • Follow a schedule of announcements and read from a script when applicable

Production Intern

  • Operate field camera during home broadcasts
  • Assist with operation of mixer and other technology as requested
  • Use Wirecast to design the on screen game day experience
  • Work with a Graphic Designer to improve the broadcast design

Individuals interested in baseball production media should apply for a Production Media Internship by clicking the button below. A cover letter that explains your goals and the skills you’re looking to improve during the internship, an updated resume, and samples of your work are highly desired.

Baseball Sabermetrics Analyst Internship

We are seeking two Interns to establish a new Baseball Development program. The Interns will work closely with our Field Manager and coaches to establish agreed upon benchmarks and research data tools to improve game strategy and decision making and evaluate aspects of player performance.  The interns will need to understand the game of baseball, be able to work independently, and have knowledge of baseball statistics. The positions offers a rare opportunity to set up and establish a new Baseball Development Program for the Club. 


  • Major in: Data Sciences, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science or related fields. 
  • Experience using R, Python, TensorFlow, STAN, Theanos, etc. helpful
  • Experience within college baseball analyzing baseball data.
  • Familiarity with Baseball Tracking systems.
  • Ability to pick out tendencies of opposing teams and players.
  • Ability to work independently and establish a Baseball Development Program
  • Previous College baseball intern “data analysis“ experience a plus
  • Advanced Scouting may be part of requirements.
  • Must be a baseball fan with passion for and knowledge of the game.

Y-D Red Sox Intern Alumni

Previous Y-D interns and student staff include:

  • Eric Anastasi ’11, Athletic Equipment Manager, Northeastern University
  • Katie Carlson ’12-13, WBC National Team Coordinator, Major League Baseball
  • Andrew Constant ’12, Media Relations, Gwinnett Braves (AAA-ATL)
  • Emily de Maill’ ’11-12, Marketing Specialist, Fanatics Inc.
  • Josh Duffy ’11, Director of Group Sales, Lynchburg Hillcats (A-CLE)
  • Ryan Gallant, Asst. Director Athletic Communications, University of Massachusetts
  • Elijah Gonzalez ’16, On-Air Talent, Connecticut Tigers (SA-DET)
  • Alex Hart ’14-16, Membership Service Representative, Miami Dolphins
  • Josh Kapiloff ’14, Assistant Amateur Scouting, Miami Marlins
  • Madeleine Ker ’14-17, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Zack Lacey ’16, ’17, Bentley University MBA Graduate ’19
  • Meagan Lowry ’14, Public Relations Officer/Alumni Affairs, Central Baptist College (Ark.)
  • Seamus Lyman ’13, News Producer, WRGB (CBS-6 Schenectady)
  • Brody Mankus ’12-13, Account Executive, New York Islanders
  • Kelly McKenna ’10-12, Senior HRIS Analyst, Acadia Healthcare
  • Collin Mentiply ’16, Inside Sales Representative, New York Mets
  • Kyla Miller ’12-13, Rehabilitation Aide, Spaulding Outpatient Center
  • Alex Newman ’12, Sales Manager, PureHD
  • Dan Rubin ’05-07, USCHO, Bentley Athletics, Brown Athletics
  • Alex Strafer ’19, Worchester Railers
  • Peter Wardell ’12, Amateur Scout, Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Hannah Terrill ’21, New York Mets

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