10-Time Cape Cod Baseball League Champions

Why Taking in a Cape Cod League Game is a Must for Every Summer Visitor

By: Tad Donovan – Intern

Catch the game’s future stars

The Cape Cod Baseball League has long been an opportunity for fans to see the future of baseball long before it plays on a professional level.  Of the 160 draft picks in the 2020 MLB draft, 72 spent time on a Cape Cod League team.  From Hall of Famers Craig Biggio (Yarmouth-Dennis) and Jeff Bagwell (Chatham), to established MLB All-Stars like Chris Sale (Yarmouth-Dennis) and Buster Posey (Yarmouth-Dennis), to top prospects such as Adley Rutschman (Falmouth) and Spencer Torkelson (Chatham), many of the best the sport has to offer made their start on one of Cape Cod’s baseball teams.

Stay Outside After the Beach

For many vacationers, being on Cape Cod is an opportunity to relax on a beautiful beach, with the soothing sounds of the water and the warmth of the sun.  However, after the beach day is done it can be hard to fill the time before dinner.  Should the game end up keeping you past your dinner time, the ballparks have the quintessential ballgame fare like hot dogs and hamburgers.  Some teams’ home parks have their own specialties, such as Yarmouth-Dennis’ donut burgers.  Going to a Cape Cod Baseball League game keeps the vacationer relaxing in a beautiful baseball park with the soothing sounds of baseball and the warmth of the sun

Visit Different Parts of the Cape

By making the journey to visit every Cape Cod Baseball League field, vacationers can visit 9 different Cape Cod communities as well as Wareham on mainland Massachusetts.  Each town offers its own flavor of Cape Cod life to go along with its baseball team.  Whether it’s touring the Cape’s lighthouses, or deciding where the best ice cream is made, planning to go to as many of the Cape Cod Baseball League fields as possible provides an easy framework around which to plan your vacation.

Great for the Little Ones

Many of the Cape Cod Baseball fields include space for kids to run around and play tag, catch, or take part in whatever other activities they can come up with.  Cape League games also offer the opportunity for kids to try and catch home runs or foul balls, a joy inherent to the sport and made easier by the smaller crowds and fields.  The search for a souvenir will prove to be a memorable quest that will become a story carried with them for years to come.  Combine all that with the simple happiness that comes with being so close to a high-quality baseball game and taking your kids to the ballpark is a memory that all parties will cherish.

Overall, taking in a Cape Cod Baseball League game will enhance your vacation in more ways than one.  Not only will the game keep you and yours outside during the awkward time between beach and dinner, but it can also provide a framework for your vacation and create cherished memories for the entire family.  And all for only a small suggested donation!

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