Y-D @ Chatham

Veteran's Field (Chatham Anglers) 702 Main Street, Chatham, MA

We head to Chatham to reel in the Anglers.

In-Season Media Intern Contract


The Yarmouth-Dennis (Y-D) Red Sox have a long and proud history as a member of the Cape Cod Baseball League. Our organization, while committed to excellence in the promotion of collegiate athletics, is also a proponent of community involvement through volunteerism, promoting student athletes through scholarships, and character building through our intern program. Y-D believes that good sportsmanship and character building may be fostered and developed by setting forth a clear and concise understanding of our organizations’ expectations and responsibilities when choosing interns to join the Y-D Red Sox organization.   


  1. Interns must understand that they are representatives of the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Baseball Organization at all times (both on and off the field). No swearing or disruptive behavior. (This is a family-friendly environment!)
  1. Interns that are involved on game day are expected to arrive on Cape Cod by June 1st, 2022, and will depart no sooner than August 15th, 2022, unless the organization is notified by the candidate, at the time of internship acceptance.  Please inform the organization of any scheduling conflict due to the end of the academic year or the commencement of the academic year following the baseball season. 
  1. Be Committed. Be Prepared. Maintain a positive attitude and strive for excellence at all times.
  1. Interns are responsible for securing their own housing accommodations and means of transportation prior to accepting an internship with our organization. 
  1. Interns are responsible for securing their own meals for each game. At times the organization may provide meals for the interns. The providing of meals by the organization is at the sole discretion of the organization.  
  1. Interns are expected to perform their respective duties at ALL regular season and ALL playoff games, both home and away. Interns must be prepared to be flexible with game changes due to weather and other circumstances. 
  1. Interns are required to arrive at our home field, located at D-Y High School on Station Avenue in South Yarmouth no later than 90 minutes prior to first pitch for each and every regular season home game (or as directed by the Intern Supervisor) and 2 hours prior to the first pitch for each playoff and championship game or as directed by the Intern Supervisor.   
  1. Interns must agree and understand that they will be expected to fill in where needed even if they have not been assigned to that position. 
  1. Any intern who is found to be disrespectful to a board member, customer, or fellow intern will be reprimanded. Although the severity of the violation will dictate the response, the normal steps will be:
  • Strike 1 – Will receive a verbal warning
  • Strike 2 – Will receive a one (1) game suspension
  • Strike 3 – Will be asked to leave permanently 
  1. All interns will be required to remain at the field until all positions and duties are completed and cleanup/prep is finished. They must check in with their Intern Supervisor before departing the field. 
  1. Understand that you may be photographed or recorded and that the media may end up online, in print, or otherwise distributed.

Any intern who is found to be in violation of one or more of these responsibilities, or who cannot adequately meet the expectations set forth above, will be deemed ineligible to work with the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox. If an intern is terminated from his/her position, any college credit an intern may be receiving would be disqualified. Appropriate action will be taken by the organization to notify the interns college/university that his/her internship has been terminated. 

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