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3 Tips and Tricks for Navigating Red Wilson Traffic

By Ryan Kelleher – Intern

If you are a summer resident or renter of the towns of Dennis and Yarmouth, then there is a strong chance you have taken in the sites and sounds of a Y-D Red Sox game. As great as they are, the one thing everyone dreads is navigating post event traffic. The main parking lot for games is located directly behind the academic building with only one entrance and exit way. Although there can be traffic build ups as fans depart from Red Wilson Field, there are ways to navigate it successfully and get home in a timely manner:

1. Back Into Parking Spots:

Backing into your parking spots while arriving at games allows for a steady exit from the parking lot because you don’t need to worry about finding the time to back out. As simple as it is, this will save you time in the long run and can speed up your departure.

2. Park Near the Lot’s Exit

This strategy has more than one advantage that will save you time and energy in the long run. If you park near the lot’s exit, then you will have a better chance to get out before other fans. This will also save your car in terms of avoiding foul balls, as the field is located directly adjacent to the parking lot and it is common that balls fly into the parking lot. Although this will create a bit of a walk when you arrive, it will save you in the long run.

3. Park at a Satellite Lot

Using a satellite lot is one of the best secret hacks in terms of navigating yourself around a YD game. This popular option is used by many recurring fans due to the fact that there is a fast entrance and exit from the field. Near DY High School, there are multiple satellite parking lots that are extremely accessible, with the first being the tennis courts on Regional Ave. Directly adjacent to the DY Football field, there are two sets of tennis courts that are a part of the school’s campus. These courts have parking lots that fit anywhere between 15-25 cars in them. This is a great option for parking because these lots are walking distance to the field via a path that leads from the lot past the football field to Red Wilson Field. This is a safe alternative to parking at the school and it provides a quick exit to Station Ave and Highbank Road (via Regional Ave).

The next option for parking at a satellite lot is through the Staff Lot for the DY High
School. This parking lot is located on the far end of the high school and is almost a forgotten oasis. This lot is accessible through the entrance of the DY high school and fans can walk to the field through the athletic fields behind the school.

Similar to the staff lot, another safe option for parking is the Station Ave Elementary School. This option is located just past DY High School (276 Station Ave, South Yarmouth, MA) and is a great spot to park if the other lots are full. When using this lot, it is advised that you drop your party off at the field and then go to park, as it is the furthest option from the field. Usually, parking at this lot is unnecessary but it is always a safe option during marquee events like the All-Star Game and the Cape League Playoffs.

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